Discussions on the clean energy transition have been ongoing for several years. Whilst the energy transition is urgent for rural communities, they remain at risk of being left behind as rural households are often impacted by a lack of access to grid heating infrastructures, increased risks of power cuts and an over-reliance on higher carbon, fossil heating.

In October, Liquid Gas Europe organised a webinar to discuss how to reflect the needs of rural areas in relevant policy developments in EU legislation, and present rural areas’ challenges in their path toward a successful energy transition.

To empower rural areas and to ensure their needs are addressed  in EU policies, the webinar will address important questions such as:

  • How to ensure coherence between social acceptability and climate policy objectives?
  • What are the implications of ongoing EU legislative developments regarding energy for rural communities?
  • What could be improved in some of the legislative proposals to effectively and immediately mitigate the challenges for homes in off-grid areas?
  • What are the sustainable energy solutions that are better suited to rural communities?

Speakers included:

🔸 Anne-Katherina Weidenbach – Member of Kadri Simson cabinet, EU Commissioner for Energy

🔸MEP Franc Bogovic (EPP, SI) – Co-president of RUMRA Intergroup

🔸Hanna Zdanowska – Mayor of Łódź, Member of the European Committee of the Regions

🔸Ewa Abramiuk-Lété, General Manager at Liquid Gas Europe

Watch the recording here

ORGANISED BY: Liquid Gas Europe

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